Unlocking the Future: The Rise of Open-Source FPGA Development Tools

Rapid Silicon, a leading provider of AI-focused FPGAs, has introduced the Raptor Design Suite, an open-source FPGA SDK and Compiler. This marks a significant shift for Rapid Silicon…


Rapid Silicon launches Vega eFPGA IP

Rapid Silicon has announced the launch of its Vega eFPGA IP. This product is an embeddable standalone FPGA IP core, which is flexible, powerful, and efficient to enable a programmable solution to your SoC.


Rapid Silicon lets Engineers use GPT for FPGA design

FPGA developer Rapid Silicon Inc. (Los Gatos, Calif.) has announced it is launching RapidGPT, an AI chatbot-based FPGA design tool with conversational features and automated completion of code.


Rapid Silicon Declares A $30 Million Series A Round For Adoption Of Open Source FPGA Software

For a variety of target applications, Rapid Silicon creates application-specific FPGAs with AI capabilities. It greatly enhances design by combining private AI technologies with open source software….


Rapid Silicon, the startup pursuing FPGAs based on open-source technology

This funding will be used to invest in its product portfolio, support the launch of its low-end FPGA product, Gemini, and build on the momentum for the adoption of open-source software for commercial applications…


Rapid Silicon to boost the rollout of its end-to-end open source FPGA software and entry-level hardware

The California company secured $15m from Cambium Capital and other investors in the first half of its Series A funding round, including all existing investors from its seed round…


Rapid Silicon Raised $15M in the first close of Series A funding

Rapid Silicon raised $15.0M in the first close of its Series A funding from Cambium Capital and others, including all investors from its seed round. It expects the second close to happen in Q1 2023 and bring the…


FPGA Startup Rapid Silicon Enters Market

Founded in 2021, the Silicon Valley–based company has engineering staff in Pakistan, Malaysia, and Armenia. It closed a $15 million seed round in 2021 and the first tranche of a Series A round comprising another $15 million this year; it expects a second $15 million…


Dr. Naveed Sherwani’s EDACafé Interview, shares his thoughts on the future of FPGA industry

In this in-depth interview, CEO, Naveed Sherwani shares his insights on the latest trends in the FPGA industry and how Rapid silicon is leading the way..


Chip Stocks Are Down, But Pockets Of Semiconductor Startup Funding Still Robust

Most recently, Rapid Silicon, a 2-year old, Los Gatos, California-based startup described as “AI-enabled field-programmable gate array company…


FPGA startup Rapid Silicon lands $15M to bring its first chip to market

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), or integrated circuits sold off-the-shelf, are a hot topic in tech. Because they’re relatively affordable…


Does This Startup Chip Company Spell Trouble for AMD and Lattice Semi Stocks?

Jose Najarro and Nick Rossolillo discuss Advanced Micro Devices, Lattice Semiconductor, and a recent start-up looking to disrupt the FPGA market.