Rapid Silicon is committed to revolutionizing the programmable logic industry, making PLDs accessible to everyone. Critical to this mission is the democratization of FPGAs.

Raptor is the world’s first commercial FPGA EDA environment based on end-to-end open-source software. The open-source nature of Raptor means that the entire community and ecosystem collaborate to make it the best in the business.

RapidGPT is designed to enhance the FPGA design process by providing an intelligent, efficient, and seamless interface based on natural language that enables hardware designers to increase their productivity and time-to-market.

Rapid Silicon is committed to Democratizing FPGAs

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Say Hello to Raptor

Raptor offers a familiar EDA experience that allows designers to get started and be productive quickly. It has been built from the ground up to be community based while also providing robust support for Rapid Silicon’s unique devices and design experiences. Designers can use the modern GUI experience if they wish but the Tcl backend is always just a click away.

Get to know raptor

The core of the Raptor experience is a robust experience that leverages the best of the open-source EDA community.

The front-end of Raptor is a modern GUI experience based on the open-source FOEDAG environment. Users familiar with other FPGA design environments will feel right at home.

Under the hood, the Tcl-based scripting environment can be used for design and task automation as well as integration with Tcl-based tools from other vendors and community projects.

open-source by design

In addition, Raptor supports integration with the LiteX and Migen frameworks for automation of many IP generation and integration directly from Python code without a need for understanding traditional RTL languages like VHDL and Verilog.

Designers can take advantage of the existing library of Python-based IP available with LiteX or import their own from their own catalog or those of existing open-source repositories.

Raptor’s back-end implementation flow integrates tools such as YoSYS for synthesis, VPR for placement and routing, OpenSTA timing analysis, Verilator simulation and more.

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Rapid Silicon sets a new standard for how FPGA solutions are developed, designed, and deployed for the embedded and edge applications from smart factory and smart buildings to portable medical, surveillance and automotive sensor management and infotainment.