Rapid Silicon Introduces Revolutionary Rapid eFPGA Configurator for Hassle Free Embedded FPGA Evaluation

LOS GATOS, Calif., May 1, 2024 – Rapid Silicon, a provider of AI and intelligent edge-focused FPGAs based on open-source technology, today announced its release of the Rapid eFPGA Configurator, a revolutionary tool empowering System-on-Chip (SoC) designers to customize their own embedded Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (eFPGA) with their desired mix of resources.

The demand for customizable, high-performance solutions has never been greater in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. SoC designers are faced with the challenge of creating products that not only meet current requirements but also possess the flexibility to adapt to future market needs. eFPGAs emerge as a transformative solution, offering unparalleled flexibility, performance acceleration, and power efficiency in SoC designs. Designers can have the ability to customize an eFPGA with their preferred number of FPGA resources on silicon-proven programmable fabric.

The Rapid eFPGA Configurator heralds a new era in customizable eFPGA design, offering users a robust platform to define and design their own instance of eFPGA IP. Departing from conventional methodologies characterized by prolonged communication cycles with IP vendors, Rapid Silicon’s Rapid eFPGA Configurator empowers users to autonomously tailor our Vega Embedded FPGA resources, including DSPs, BRAM, Logic Elements, and more, with unparalleled ease and efficiency. By placing control firmly in the hands of its customers, Rapid Silicon facilitates swift iterations and adjustments, fostering collaboration and simplifying the process of building customer eFPGA IPs.

“The Rapid eFPGA Configurator represents a paradigm shift in eFPGA IP design,” said Bhavin Shah, SVP of Engineering at Rapid Silicon. “By putting the power to customize directly into the hands of our customers, we’re empowering them to innovate like never before. With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and cost-effective solution, the Rapid eFPGA Configurator is revolutionizing the way eFPGA is designed.”

“The Rapid eFPGA Configurator is a game changer,” said Alain Dargelas, VP of Software at Rapid Silicon. “The Raptor Design Suite now supports full evaluation of customer-configured eFPGA based on our silicon-proven Fabric portfolio, simplifying workload runs and optimization for silicon area, fabric features, aspect ratio, and resource counts, ensuring the best PPA on the market.”

Ready to experience the power of the Rapid eFPGA Configurator? Contact Rapid Silicon today to learn more and start designing your next-generation semiconductor products with integrated eFPGA IP. Contact us at info@rapidsilicon.com

About Rapid Silicon

Rapid Silicon is a provider of AI and intelligent edge-focused FPGAs based on open-source technology. The company’s products are designed to meet the needs of AI and intelligent edge developers and help them accelerate their time-to-market. Rapid Silicon’s mission is to democratize access to FPGA technology and make it more accessible to developers around the world.