Sr. Staff Engineer, Floorplan & Integration


Penang, Malaysia

Position Type

Full Time

Immigrant Status

Citizen / PR (should not require any immigration services)

Travel Required


About Us

At RapidSilicon, we focus on bringing creativity to FPGA design by combining open-source FPGA methodology with proprietary technologies that enable a faster design-to-silicon turnaround. Our employees work on innovative AI-enhanced EDA tools to provide the most optimized design result that satisfies the needs in general-purpose or domain-specific applications.

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Job Description

You will be directly involved in hardening of the SOC partitions that will be integrated with Rapid Silicon’s next-generation FPGA products. You will have the opportunity to work on partitions like RISC-V, ARM, Memory subsystem, PCIE subsystem, etc.
Key Responsibilities for this position include but not limited to:
  • Perform SOC full chip physical design; floor-planning, I/O, bump & RDL (Redistribution layer) planning, hard IP integration, partitioning, power/ground grid generation, pin assignment, partition hardening, chip-level clock, feedthrough, special interface, and interconnect planning, bus routing, sequential pipeline planning and full-chip design for testability (DFT) planning
  • Collaborate with chip architects, package engineers, and block PD owners to drive, chip floorplan reviews and identify area, interconnect, IP integration, and floorplan improvement opportunities
  • Work with STA, PV, RV, and other signoff teams to achieve closure and tapeout on time
  • Run physical verification at chip-level and provide feedback and guidance to block-level physical design engineers to fix design rule check/layout versus schematic/antenna/electrical rule check/design for manufacturing violations
  • Develop/modify design flows as needed to meet the overall design quality of results and chip integration requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master with at least 6 years or Bachelor with at least 8 years design experience in the structural/physical design domain
  • Have multiple tape-out experience in deep submicron, preferably experience in 14nm and below
  • Proficient in aspects of physical design from RTL hand-off through streaming out a clean GDSII (such as Floorplan, Synthesis, Auto Place & Route, Signal Integrity Verification, Clock Tree Synthesis, Performance Verification, Reliability Verification, Power Analysis & Optimisation, Timing Closure etc).
  • Experience in relevant VLSI structural/physical design methodology, flows and relevant EDA tools will be an advantage
  • Experience in Block-level Implementation and Full-chip floor-planning and power grid planning.

Preferred Skills

  • Previous experience as a key technical leading role in development and delivery of leading edge physical databases for ASICs, SoCs or IPs will be an advantage
  • Experienced in industry RTL to GDSII tools: Design Compiler, IC Compiler II, Fusion Compiler, PrimeTime, etc
  • Hands-on expertise with scripting languages such as Perl, TCL, and knowledge of hardware description languages of VHDL & Verilog.
  • Possess strong initiative, analytical/problem solving skills, team working skills, ability to multitask and be able to work within a diverse team environment.

Deadline to Apply

Drop us an email, with attached resume, to
*We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status