When I joined Rapid Silicon, I was keen to be part of a company that’s revolutionizing programmable compute. And now, more than eight months in, I am witnessing how Rapid Silicon is building application specific programmable devices using open-source FPGA software and a nimble engineering approach to low-cost and quick turnaround FPGAs to meet the rapid and flexible solutions required in the evolving IoT and edge computing world.

The world-class team at Rapid Silicon is comprised of industry veterans and academia, including the visionaries who built the OpenFPGA tool chain. Our hard work has been validated time and again as designs become reality.

So, what exactly is unique about Rapid Silicon’s approach?

  • Open Source by Design: Our hardware uses the OpenFPGA development flow and open source EDA tools based on industry leading open-source tools such as Verilator, YoSys, VPR, OpenSTA, and OpenFPGA bit stream generation
  • AI Optimized FPGA SoCs: We use 6-input LUT, DSP and block RAM and embedded CPU options for maximum flexibility to adopt AI hardware accelerators
  • Embedded FPGA (eFPGA) Platform: We use OpenFPGA-based modular design to enable rapid delivery of customized application specific FPGAs

Rapid Silicon is committed to building a globally accessible open-source EDA toolchain for virtually any FPGA. The impact of this disruptive technology is already changing how design flows and software workloads are being used. I’m excited to be part of the company that is delivering optimized solutions for programmable compute.